Brees is 3months old now.  Here are her stats:

1.  We are now breastfeeding like a well oiled machine.  During the day, she nurses every 3-4 1/2 hours.  She gets her last feeding at about 8 pm and then doesn’t nurse again until the morn.  Alleluia!!  I haven’t had to use any Lansinoh cream in weeks because my nipples are now primed.  No soreness or dryness whatsoever.  Latching on is a breeze and both of our confidence levels are on point.  What a great feeling to be in such a great routine!!

2.  She is sleeping through the night!!!  She sleeps from about 8 pm until around 6 or 7am.  On my work days, I get her up at 5 to nurse her before I leave but then she goes right back to sleep until it’s time for Shawn too bring her to the babysitter.  Getting a full night’s rest again is something I will never take for granted!!!

3.  She can roll over from her tummy to her back.  She can also do a mini-pushup.  She is putting weight on her legs when we hold her in a standing position and she has excellent head control.  She squirms and moves around so much that her socks are constantly slipping off her feet:)

4.  She is very alert and can now recognize familiar faces.  She smiles when she spots one of us and has even begun giggling when we tickle her.  She coos and says “ah-goo”.  She is, however, a much more serious baby than Isabelle was.  She is very intent and frequently looks like she is in very deep thought.

5.  She had a mild case of RSV this month and spent a tough week coughing and sniffling and receiving breathing treatments.  She is completely over it now but we are still watching her closely for any signs of a relapse.  Her reflux seems to be under control as well.  She is currently taking Prevacid 15 mg at night before her last feeding and it has been highly effective.  Since beginning this med, she still has the occasional spit-up but no longer cries out in pain when she does.  It has completely wiped out any and all gastrointestinal pain symptoms like tensing her body up, crying when she spits up, etc.  I haven’t had to use any gripe water or Mylincon drops since we started the Prevacid, which further proves to me that she never did have gas or colic but was simply suffering from acid reflux.  Thank God for good medicine and proper diagnoses!!

There are not enough positive words I could use to describe this little angel.  She is the easiest baby I have ever had the pleasure of caring for.  She rarely cries, sleeps and eats great, and is content just sitting in the lap of someone she loves.  She is a blessing to all who know and love her and has filled up places in my heart I was not even aware of…

Stay tuned for an update on Miss Isabelle, 6 years old going on 20…

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