Defining my Style

Project 31

Day 4.  Style 31.  Post a pic of you in your favorite outfit.

I must admit, I felt a little silly taking a picture of myself and my outfit.  A little insecure, actually.  But, I suppose that is the point of this 31 day quest: to recognize your own beauty, to meditate on the things you appreciate about yourself, to see beauty in your surroundings and the people you interact with.

I didn’t want to get all dressed up for this post.  I wanted you to see what I look like on any given day.  Who I really am.

I would define my style as Bohemian.  Ultra casual, comfortable and cool.  I am a blue jean baby and love flowy tops and feminine blouses.  I am drawn to earth tones with big bursts of color, particularly jewel tones.  These particular jeans are my absolute fav, especially considering they are my “skinny” jeans!  You know, the ones you are dying to fit into again after you’ve had a baby?!  I love a good straight leg jean and believe that jeans are the one article of clothing worth investing a decent amount of money in.

I am a jewelry fanatic and have a large collection of earrings, many of which were hand made for me by my lovely girlfriends.  Nothing spices up an outfit like a pair of super chunky earrings!  This particular pair was purchased in a little Indian shop in the French Quarter.

Freshly painted toenails make me feel fresh and clean.  Thanks to the tropical climate Louisiana so kindly offers us, I wear sandals and flip flops nine months a year.  I would really just rather go barefoot.

I love vintage botanical prints and little accents like the ruffle at the bottom of this blouse.  I have a large collection of vintage cardigans passed down to me from my grandmother that I love to wear year round.

I am still navigating my way through my postpartum wardrobe.  I am back to my           pre-pregnancy weight but am still not completely comfortable in my new skin.  I am a work in progress and try to just focus on feeling good and enjoying my purpose.  Most of my outfits now have to accommodate breastfeeding and therefore have to be easy to pull up or down and have to not wrinkle too easily.  If something says “dry clean only”, it is most likely NOT going to find a home in my closet.  My goal when I get dressed in the morning is to express who I am and feel pretty and feminine while also being practical about toting around an infant and keeping up with a busy 6 year old.

So this is me.  A girl who never quite got over her love affair with Kurt Cobain and all the grunge he brought with him mixed with a little Bohemian spirit.


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