I’ve taken a little blog break this past week to focus on family and the chaos we fondly call life.  I return to this sweet little space re energized and full of random ideas to share with this big vast blogging world.  First, I am currently in the process of moving Soul Singing Liv to Blogger.  For several reasons of which I will touch upon later.  More updates as the move is complete…

Second, The Paper Mama, one of my favorite daily reads, hosts these great photo challenges, inspiring all of us to release some creative energy through our camera lenses.  This week’s challenge is “Surprise”.

This photo of Isabelle came to mind as soon as I read about the contest:

Christmas morning this past year.  Our first Christmas as a family of four.  Isabelle asked for one thing and one thing only: an American Girl doll.  She carried the catalogue around with her for months.  She brought it to school to show her friends, cut out a picture of the exact doll she wanted and hung it up in her room.  Shawn and I debated buying such an expensive doll, we figured she would lose interest before Christmas morning even arrived.

But she was relentless.  She wanted that doll and she wanted it BAD.

So, on Christmas morning, as we all sat around the tree in our pajamas, snacking on cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, soft carols playing in the background, we began opening presents.  With each gift she opened, she couldn’t hide the disappointment she felt that in her box was a sweater, or a book, or a game.  Not an American Girl doll.

We saved it for the very last gift of the whole bunch (a bit cruel, but SO worth it).  By that point I think she had really given up hope.  And then, WOOHOO!!!!!!!  She got the doll of her dreams!!!  And we were rewarded with a million kisses and thank yous and I love yous!!  And she was so genuinely happy.  Not because she was being materialistic, but because she had been a “good girl”, she had done her chores and minded her parents and Santa saw her and she earned her doll!  It was the most priceless moment, seeing her so happy.

These days, Isabelle and her doll, Ellie, are inseparable.   And the genuine look of surprise on her face in this pictures warms my heart every time I look at it…

The Paper Mama

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