How Does Your Garden Grow

With Spring in full swing, we have decided to begin our much anticipated garden.  We have spent the last few weeks planning what we wanted to grow, where we would plant, etc.  We decided to start with a flower bed behind our house that was completely overgrown and unutilized.  Together, we dug up the old weeds and bushes and tilled the soil.  It was the most lovely afternoon, Shawn, Isabelle, and I getting our hands dirty.  Soaking up the sun and feeling the dirt between our toes.

So far, we have planted tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, cilantro, sweet peppers, and lavender.  We also planted some irises, a lovely plum delight bush, and a sago palm.  Quite an eclectic blend!

Every morning and every evening, Isabelle announces to the whole household, “Time to water our garden!!”.  And together we tromp outside in our rubber boots, replenishing these beautiful, living beings.  We ooh and aah over their progress, relish in how beautiful the flowers look as the setting sun casts its rays on their petals.  And it is the most wonderful feeling to have between all of us, a shared interest, a common goal, an intertwined desire for success.  A garden for our family.  Food for our bellies, flowers for our hearts, and peace for our souls.

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