Working this weekend and boy howdy are we busy!    Doesn’t stop me from calling home to check on my girls a hundred times, though.  They spent the day with their grandmother and enjoyed the great outdoors.  Isabelle helped cook supper and Brees enjoyed all the spoiling.  Whenever I get sad about being at work and missing my littles, I remind myself how lucky we are to have so much help from family.  What a blessing for our girls to spend the day in their grandmother’s kitchen, swinging on her porch, listening to her stories.  My grandmother took care of us when my mom worked and I have the sweetest memories of our days together.  Though I missed my mother and flew into her arms as soon as she got home, I enjoyed my time working with my grandmother in her garden and helping her feed the chickens.  As working parents, all that Shawn and I can hope for is for our daughters’ days to be full and happy, even when we are gone.  And to receive sweet text messages such as these to keep us going though the day:

I showed this picture to all of my patients today.  Proud Mama.

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2 Responses to Love

  1. what a precious little picture…they are adorable! 🙂
    hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Thank you friend! It was a really good weekend, even though I was working. God’s love was all around us, working through us this weekend. Hope yours was good as well!

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