I have been in a bit of a postpartum style funk lately.  My jeans and shorts all fit, but most of my summer tops do not.  Before having my second baby, I was a 34A.  During this pregnancy, I grew to a 34DD!!!  That’s quite a change.  I am now a more reasonable 34C, but I still don’t really feel connected to my new found boobs.  I am extremely modest when it comes to my chest and don’t feel comfortable in most of my tops that now, with all this voluptuous size, seem to be spilling over.  Not only that, but my tops now need to be conducive to breast feeding.  They need to keep me covered while also having the ability to be able to pull up or down easily.

I need to be patient.  I need to give myself credit for losing all of my weight so quickly, and in a healthy manner.  I need to embrace these boobs because they truly are a blessing.  Breast feeding is the most beautiful experience and I love it more than anything.  I just need to get motivated, swallow my insecurities, and head on out and buy a few pieces of summer gear.  I think I’m just afraid of my own head, facing myself in those dressing room mirrors with their terrible lighting.

Summer dresses are my favorite.  I need to find a few that will slide off easily on top so that I can nurse Brees on the go.  This lovely little ensemble is my inspiration today.  I’m tired of this style funk.  I’m ready to prance through this spring time light and feel good about the woman and mother I am.  I’m ready to embrace my body and wear clothing that captures my spirit.  Here goes nothing…

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